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CORE Series

The perfect introduction to boutique guitar pedals.

CORE Series is Discontinued
as of January 1st, 2022


We designed CORE Series to be the the perfect introduction to the studio-grade, boutique guitar pedal realm while leaving pretension at the door.

CORE Series rocks top-shelf audiophile componentry, up to 36v of high-headroom power, and studio-grade op amps with a streamlined interface and smaller form factor than our FOUNDRY Series. All this while being our most affordable line-up ever.

In true boutique pedal form every CORE Series pedal has available mods to dial in your tonal preferences without going too far down the rabbit hole.

ROUS Inconceivable Mod production line.j

Audiophile Componentry

Pettyjohn engineered our CORE Series circuits with audiophile componentry, producing the most high-fidelity tonal experience possible.


We professionally curated and rigorously listen to how every single component affects the saturation, transparency, depth and warmth of each pedal's tone. Our top-shelf componentry includes:

  • WIMA capacitors

  • 1% metal film through hole resistors

  • Silver mica caps

  • Burr browns op amps

36 Volts of High-Headroom Power

All CORE Series pedals feature an inverting charge pump, usually reserved for studio rack gear, that first inverts and then doubles your power source, allowing for up to 36v of power. That's 4X the headroom of most standard guitar pedals!

This means you can plug in a a 9v power adapter and get 18v of headroom, or plugin a 18v power adapter for 36v of headroom.

Higher headroom empowers a pedal's op amps to operate at their theoretical maximum, providing the cleanest, least distorted signal possible. By doing so, tone can be dialed in further down the circuit providing unprecedented control when you want to push a signal into overdrive, distortion and fuzz.


The higher headroom in Pettyjohn pedals also allows you to stack them in your pedal chain with little-to-no tone suck. 

Oscilloscope spectrum analyzer in store

Studio Grade Op Amps

The CORE Series uses Burr-Brown ultra-low noise operational amplifiers, op amps, to drive each pedal stage: Level, Drive, Highs, and Lows.*

Op amps are the active components in the circuit that provide the literal power to each stage. Cheap, lower quality op amps distort and muddy the tone of a signal often with undesirable results, whereas the Burr-Brown provides nearly transparent tone. This allows the tone to be dialed in by you at each stage, rather than in the op amp itself.

While we could source op amps at nearly a tenth of the cost, we believe the Burr-Brown provides the most high-fidelity experience across all frequencies for CORE Series.

* The one exception is RAIL, which does not use op amps, but rather derives its fuzz and gated fuzz effects directly from the power rails, hence the name. 

CORE Series features the all-new C65 enclosure by GØRVA design. Die-cast aluminum provides robust build quality that is lightweight with a gentle top bevel and perfectly smooth rounded corners.

The C65 is trim, measuring 4.72"x 2.56" and just 1.54" tall with a snug fitting bottom lid, recessed bottom screws and high-quality power coating.

Dial your tone with four simple knobs, select between clipping and voicing mods and you're ready for a studio-grade boutique pedal experience that is uniquely you.

gorva C65 enclosure.jpg

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