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A Drive For All Occasions

“Tools for tone” as we always say here at the shop. Pettyjohn Electronics has three solid overdrives in our Foundry Series: IRON, CHIME and GOLD.

With an operation range of 9V-18V, that provides an internal voltage swing of 18V-36V, these aren’t just overdrives that have to remain on the front end of your board. Got a “blackface” type amp that needs some extra cut and crunch? Need to fatten/warm up that rhythm tone? Pettyjohn has your back. Here is a look at our three Foundry Series overdrives and ways to put them to use.


A rich bluesy “Blackface”. A tweedy heart of gold. A classic “American” tone machine through and through. Use it as an overdrive or second channel for your DRRI. Fatten up your Princeton or give your Twin some dirt that doesn’t blow your brains out. Put it in front of your “Brit” amp for some smooth, squishy saturation. And for those who just have to mod everything there is an extra JRC4558 inside the unit to swap out for even more tone possibilities.

9V Operation – Place the IRON on the front end of your drive section and get some sag in your tone. Neck pickup all day long!

18V Operation – After compression, maybe even after delay and ‘verb. Add some extra glass (LED clipping) or squish (Mosfet or Silicon) to the front end of your amp.


From the Beatles to the Yardbirds, from Radiohead to most churches on a Sunday morning, Everyone loves that Vox-y crunch; a bell like chime with that in-your-face attitude. The CHIME can take you to “where the streets have no name”, over to “strawberry fields” or even sailing “the seven seas of Rhye.

9V Operation – Up or Down on the Clip mini toggle. Get to know the relationship between the Boost and Drive knobs, there is a world of tone locked inside this pairing. Saturating this pedal only makes it better and better. Don’t be afraid to utilize your guitar’s volume and tone knobs.

18V Operation – Great as a pre-amp for a delay. Even better as a front end boost to your amp. Maybe find yourself lowering the Boost knob while increasing the Level. Move the Clip toggle to just the LED (middle position) as a great always-on pedal. Play with the Tilt EQ to clean up your amp’s saggy low-end or tame a brittle top end without loosing clarity and punch.


The start of “Whole Lotta Love”. The growling gain of Jimi’s “All Along the Watchtower”. That “golden British” tone we would all kill for. The GOLD is aptly named for the tone it provides… Plexi-licious. High Fidelity Auri-cap for the ultimate in transparency. Dubbed by some as the “cleanest distortion on the market”.

9V Operation – Dive inside the box and flip the mini toggle to engage the Orange Drop cap for extra vintage goodness. In front of dirt, after compression, in the middle of your gain. Stacks well or stands out all on its own.

18V Operation – Turn your Fender into a Marshall. Stop bringing two amps to a gig. The channel two of your dreams. Auri-Cap or Orange Drop, you can’t go wrong. With 20hz-20khz of frequency range the GOLD is a perfect always-on rock/blues preamp.

Good tone is our desire and we want to provide players with the best tone-tools possible. Looking for a new overdrive??? Contact Sales ( and we will hook you up!


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