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The LIFT MKII an always-on studio grade preamp pedal, being either in Buffer mode or Boost mode, switchable via the new soft touch foot switch.


The LIFT MKII draws inspiration from our previous PreDrive pedal and brings the most loved features to the Foundry Series. It is packed with versatility and can be used with any instrument, not just electric guitar. Give your sound a lift with the LIFT MKII and re-discover your clean tone.


The Buffer You Have Always Wanted

The buffer mode is a truly state-of-the-art circuit, featuring a single discrete opamp powered by our new proprietary dual-rail power supply providing huge headroom and tuned for absolute transparency with frequency range from 20Hz to 25kHz.


The discrete opamp gently ‘lifts’ the tonal quality without unwanted color, unlocking every nuance of your guitars tone with a musical, 3D depth.


An Exceptional Boost

Activate Boost mode with the foot switch and use the Boost gain knob to unleash loads of clean gain. The LIFT MKII Boost mode provides up to a whopping 30dB of gain off of a standard 9v adapter thanks to our proprietary dual rail power supply that boosts the internal voltage to +/-18v for 36 volts of headroom.


This industry leading headroom in a pedal allows the LIFT MKII the most clean gain on the market. It also means every nuance of your guitar and playing gets preserved with absolute fidelity.


Harmonic Drive

The Harmonic Drive is a highly praised circuit from our now retired hand-wired PreDrive and uses a unique combo of MOSFET and NOS D9E germanium diodes. The original Harmonic Drive was to our knowledge the world’s first discrete opamp based overdrive and the LIFT MKII starts where the V1 left off.


The Harmonic Drive is perfect for setting base tone and cleans up very well with volume or pick attack. Full range and zero compromise audiophile signal path means this is an overdrive unlike anything you have played before.


Passive, Studio-Grade Filters

We further refined the passive HIGH cut and LOW cut controls, which sweep from the outer edges of the audible frequency range for exceptional tone shaping.


PriceFrom $299.00
  • Soviet Clipping Mod - This mod replaces the standard NOS D9E germanium diode with a pair of rare Soviet D2E germanium diodes circa 1977. Engaged via an internal switch for a tighter, more mid-forward harmonic drive.


    Orange Drop Mod - Make your highs warmer in drive mode with our Orange Drop mod. This replaces the standard WIMA high cut caps with the more smooth, creamy vintage highs of Orange Drop caps.