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SHIPPING: All pedals are made-to-order by Nate. Our supply chains continue to present new challenges every run and lead times are streching a little. We are expecting to ship the NUKE limited run orders in about 2-3 weeks! Reach out any time for an update.



The NUKE is a fuzz machine like no other, built for total audio destruction! This isn’t your average fuzz pedal though! There is no temperature sensitive vintage transistors or finicky buffers in this design, and it features huge headroom, full frequency response and it stacks wonderfully so you can put it anywhere in your chain. The NUKE features something we call Power Rail Clipping and an infinite gain circuit we first found by accident 7 years ago while building PettyDrive V1s in the shop. This circuit has gone through a couple previous iterations, something we pay homage to with the mini toggle switch that adjusts the clipping slightly to match either the RAIL or the FUZE version! We often heard from customers that this is the FUZZ circuit for people who don’t normally like fuzz pedals, so we are stoked to take it to the n'th degree and offer a hot rodded version in this years LIMITED SERIES!




At the core of this unique pedal is an infinite gain circuit that slams your guitar, or any other instrument signal, into the power rails of the pedal. This causes the opamp to clip as it can only reproduce the signal cleanly to the extent of the power supply voltage. This method of creating distortion or fuzz is fairly hard to accomplish in a musical way and we managed to stumble on it when a pedal rolled off the line with this crazy fuzz gates slightly, IE it turns off when the input signal falls below a certain level. After a few years of tinkering we found out how to optimize it and it first appeared in the Fuzz side of the FUZE. We then further explored it with the CORE series pedal the RAIL. These two pedals have slightly different topologies so we have included both with the flick of a switch.



This fuzz circuit is turned on by the signal of your instrument. Once the signal drops below a certain voltage the circuit turns off, thus creating a gating effect. This gating effect can be adjusted in its intensity by increasing or decreasing the level of the signal going into the gain amp. In past versions this gating effect was preset but now we have added the STARVE control that allows you to adjust the input level and thus effect how hard it gates!



Since we are in the mode of adding inductors to our pedals lets keep it going! We love inductor mid bands for their musicality. Get control of your mid range with boosting or cutting around 800Hz. This is the same circuit from our MAGIQ EQ pedal and it utilizes an authentic FASEL Red inductor for vocal boosting and clean cuts.




Like most of our drive pedals, we utilize the sweepable wide range HPF and LPF. The LOWS (HPF) control is pre-drive section so it impacts how the circuit drives. This control goes down to 30Hz so this a great circuit for bass instruments and keyboards too! The HIGHS control (LPF) is post drive section to help control the massive amounts of harmonics generated by the Infinite Gain engine. We employ a SOZO Yellow cap in this pedal as we love its balanced warm but clear sound quality in this circuit.



The NUKE is the first pedal in the LIMITED SERIES that uses our other dual rail supply, found in the CORE and FOUNDRY V1 series. The supply takes 9-18v input and creates a negative rail from it, effectively doubling whatever you put in. The reason for using this design instead of our proprietary 36v supply is mainly because this particular circuit has some advantages to run on lower then 36 volts. Since the sound is created by amplifying the signal into the power rails, the voltage of the power rails impacts how loud the signal is and some of the characteristics of the fuzz. We wanted users to be able to experiment with different voltages and if you power with an 18v power supply you will get the same performance as our normal 36v supply. There is an extra bonus of taking less current, so this will be a bit more pedal power supply friendly drawing only 150mA!





More Info:


LIMITED Series - Silent BypassWe have had many requests for this over the year and were happy to announce all LIMITED Series now shop with a totally quite foot switch enhanced with a sonically transparent gold contact relay. It auto-bypasses when the power is disconnected, never leaving you in the dark. Hardwire, classic true bypass is available via custom order on our website for those who may prefer this option.


LIMITED Series - The Indestructible Enclosure

While most pedal companies opt for an off-the-shelf enclosure, we took the path less traveled. LIMITED Series boasts a nearly indestructible two-plate custom enclosure design forged from mild steel right here in the USA. The boxes feature a gentle sloped front edge to protect the top control panel, features recessed bottom screws, and is finished with a thick powder blast of sparkling hues that will have you gitty as a goon.


LIMITED Series - Studio Grade Components

At Pettyjohn we build true studio-grade pedals. No, this isn't some cheeky marketing jargon; we accomplish extremely low signal noise with carefully selected top-shelf components:


Burr Brown OPA input and output buffer

Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% metal film resistors

Top-shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations

Allen & Bradley NOS resistors in singal path for authentic vintage mojo

Lead-Free PCB constructed with Audiophile lead-free silver solder

NUKE Limited

$379.00 Regular Price
$303.20Sale Price
  • Dual 990 Discrete Opamp Mod - Our standard NUKE ships with high quality Burr Browns opamps taking care of input and output buffering. Upgrading to the NUKE opamps replaces one Burr Brown with a dual studio-grade 990-style discrete opamp. This chip runs the input buffer and the mids and highs EQ for a more natural, open sound quality that is truly uncompromising.

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