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Boutique audiophile overdrive pedals designed to stack.


FOUNDRY Series is our signature studio-grade, hold-nothing-back, boutique guitar pedal line. Unlike CORE pedals which are designed to be played in isolation, FOUNDRY is a synergistic tonal system designed for more subtle and refined chain stacking.

While all Pettyjohn pedals feature audiophile componentry, only FOUNDRY offers our top shelf Dual Discrete 990 op amp mods, our proprietary Pettyjohn 36v dual rail charge pump, and extended tonal controls (including secret internal switches).

In true boutique pedal form, FOUNDRY also offers a wider array of tonal, clipping and op amp mods all packaged in our nearly indestructible, custom built mild-steel enclosures.

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CORE Series was announced in 2020 as an approachable pedal line that dives deep into the realm of studio-grade analog boutique guitar pedals while leaving pretension at the door.

FOUNDRY Series is our original 'hold-nothing-back' lineup of studio-grade analog guitar pedals which we fully retooled in 2019 with all-new MKII versions of the entire line. With the introduction of MKIIs we unveiled our industry leading high-voltage power system, a new relay based quiet bypass circuit, custom enclosure enhancements and more.


Pettyjohn Electronics is a studio grade boutique guitar pedal company founded in 2014 by mastering and electrical engineer Stephen Pettyjohn.


Our engineering focuses on analog signal processing with discrete op-amps, high-voltage power pumps, and custom mods, with all stages using top-shelf audiophile componentry.


All Pettyjohn pedals are designed, forged and wired in the USA by our small team of three partners.


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