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CORE Series | Super Fuzz & Distortion Guitar Pedal

The Pettyjohn RAIL is a full-range fuzz machine with something for everyone. RAIL boasts a simple but powerful set of controls allowing for a vast range of fuzzed out and distorted tones.



CORE Series | Distortion of Unusual Size

The ROUS, “Rodent of Unusual Size”, is a highly evolved member of the RAT family. Explore the Fire Swamp for two special tone experiences in one pedal.



CORE Series | A Classic Overdrive, Reborn.

The ODI (“odie”) is a tip of the hat to the Boss OD-1 overdrive while adding modern features to refresh this classic dirt box.



CORE Series | Preamp & Low-Gain Overdrive

EDGE is a pedal specially designed to explore this magic world that happens when a circuit is pushed to the edge of breakup. 




FOUNDRY Series | High Gain Plexi Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Our most popular amp in a box style pedal, the GOLD MKII overdrive pedal is loved for its ability to sound like a high-watt Plexi style amp. We think you will agree, it's pure gold.



FOUNDRY Series | Medium Gain Overdrive Guitar Pedal

The IRON has been loved for its ability to musically thicken your tone with the harmonic richness likened to vintage American amps pushed to the edge of breakup.



FOUNDRY Series | Low-Med Gain Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Known for it’s ability to sweeten your signal with the touch sensitivity of vintage English amps on the edge of break up, the Pettyjohn CHIME MKII is a major update to our signature low-medium gain overdrive.


FOUNDRY Series | Buffer/Boost Preamp
+ Harmonic Drive Guitar Pedal

The LIFT MKII operates as an always-on preamp pedal, being either in Buffer mode or Boost mode, switchable via the new soft touch foot switch. When engaged with the toggle switch the Harmonic Drive circuit can be blended into the Boost mode via the Drive mini pot.