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Product Registration

Register Your Pettyjohn Product

Registration Policy

Please visit our warranty page to view our warranty terms. You only qualify to register your product for our limited 1-year warranty if you are a) the original owner, b) the product was purchased direct from Pettyjohn or an authorized dealer and c) you upload proof of purchase below which must include date of purchase and the seller/dealer name. If you do not have these items, please do not register, it will be void. All Pettyjohn products with proof of purchase from one-year of original sale date qualify for our limited one year warranty.

Registration Form

Upload File

Thank you for registering your Pettyjohn product.

Contact Information


For the fastest response time, please fill out the form on our contact page.


To reach our team by phone please call the following number and leave a message: 






Attn: Pettyjohn Repairs

705 South 4th Street

Hamilton, MT 59840


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