Warranty & Returns

Simple policies. Yes they apply to you.


All Pettyjohn Electronics products come with a limited five year parts and labor warranty, shipping will be covered for the first year. This warranty does not include misuse or accidents resulting in damage, i.e. water, modification or excessive force. Proof of purchase from authorized dealer or from Pettyjohn Electronics directly is required for all warranty work to verify date-of-purchase.


Warranty is not transferable or assignable and only applies to the original owner. The warranty will only be valid past one year for those who have a registered their product at pettyjohnelectronics.com along with a receipt showing the original date and proof of purchase.


Our team will evaluate your product and fix or replace your product if covered by warranty or provide you a quote for repair if it is not covered.

Return Policy

Let's start this on a personal note. We love our customers and we love building the best boutique guitar pedals. We understand that sometimes you may change your mind or a pedal isn't what you had in mind. That's cool.

We're a small boutique pedal company of three owners who design, build and market all our products. Believe it or not, there is a lot of work that goes into customer service, managing a return, processing refunds, receiving products, verifying functionality, doing repairs and repacking for sale. As such, when you request a refund, we charge a fee for all this work. These are clearly outlined below and our online store checkout page. If you didn't read this ahead of time, we can't control that, we provide our policies in clear English and yes, they apply to you.

Stock Model Returns: Customers may return unused, undamaged stock model products without mods in original packaging within 30 days of purchase for a 25% restocking fee or a 10% restocking fee for an exchange of equal or higher value. No exceptions.


Moded Pedals Returns: All products which are ordered with mods are custom by nature and are non-refundable. We  recommend reselling on a trusted platform such as Reverb.

Refunds will be issued only upon the product being inspected at our shop with the buyer paying return shipping. Products returned with minor or major scratched or damaged enclosures will incur an additional 25% restocking fee as these parts must be entirely replaced (we sell high-end pedals, so yes, no matter how small the damage, we replace enclosures if they are scratched or marked in any way).

Orders which are cancelled within 14 days from ordering but prior to shipment shall be subject to a 10% fee. If shipment is delayed (does not apply to pre-sales) for any reason outside of the buyers control beyond 14 days the buyer may cancel their order with no fee.

Contact Information


For the fastest response time, please fill out the form on our contact page.


To reach our team by phone please call the following number and leave a message: 






Attn: Pettyjohn Repairs

705 South 4th Street

Hamilton, MT 59840


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CORE Series was announced in 2020 as an approachable pedal line that dives deep into the realm of studio-grade analog boutique guitar pedals while leaving pretension at the door.

FOUNDRY Series is our original 'hold-nothing-back' lineup of studio-grade analog guitar pedals which we fully retooled in 2019 with all-new MKII versions of the entire line. With the introduction of MKIIs we unveiled our industry leading high-voltage power system, a new relay based quiet bypass circuit, custom enclosure enhancements and more.


Pettyjohn Electronics is a studio grade boutique guitar pedal company founded in 2014 by mastering and electrical engineer Stephen Pettyjohn.


Our engineering focuses on analog signal processing with discrete op-amps, high-voltage power pumps, and custom mods, with all stages using top-shelf audiophile componentry.


All Pettyjohn pedals are designed, forged and wired in the USA by our small team of three partners.


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