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Lighting A FUZE With The ToneMob

Sometimes it's not all about the pedals as much as it is about relationships. Sure the pedals are our lifeblood but what good would they be if it weren’t for all the awesome people playing them. From bedroom rocker to the stage Pettyjohn Electronics has some pretty incredible people using our gear.

Yesterday we dropped a FUZE off to one of our favorite gear/social media/podcast music personalities, Blake (@theToneMob). The Tone Mob provides the fretted string world with the latest and greatest of all things new and exciting. The podcast is also a great place to hear Blake interview some of the best known names in our industry. From pedal manufacturers to famous rock stars, the Tone Mob covers it all.

One step into his “Shred Shed” and it is obvious that Blake cares about tone. Drawers and presentation cases stocked with some of the finest tone tools to have ever been created. Gibsons, Fenders and boutique custom builds line the walls, waiting for the moment they would be chosen to bring forth audio awesomeness.

After a short time spent talking about the music biz we were ready to dive in. Of course, our intentions were to jam on the FUZE but, since it stacks so well, we had to throw some others into the mix too; 1981inventions DRV, DOD Rubberneck, Red Panda Context & Chase Bliss Dark World, all plugged into Benson Amp’s Vincent #1. Can we just mention how lush, punchy & defined that amp is?!

The FUZE’s power section provides 18V-36V of headroom and makes it perfect for stacking after heavy dirt. The 1981inventions is a killer “RAT” (90/00’s Punk all day long) and it sounded sweet running cranked into the FUZE.

Getting a chance to put our hands on a Rubberneck analog delay was also a sweet thing. We heard these will be disappearing from the market and highly suggest getting your hands on one if analog delay is your thing! The Dark World is top shelf as expected from Joel at Chase Bliss, can’t go wrong with just about anything that comes out of his shop.

Another great surprise of the day was listening to the Blake’s Millimetric Baritone make the FUZE come to life. Since it has a freq response of 20hz-20khz Baritone, Bass (and even Keys) are easily processed by the FUZE. Not only did the guitar sound amazing through our fuzz but it is incredibly designed. What a fabulous looking instrument.

As all things must, our day came to an end and we had to bid fair well to Blake and the Shred Shed but what a great morning spent talking about gear, eating good food and sharing our thoughts on this thing we all call tone.

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