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ROUS Info (Legacy Product)

Pettyjohn fans have long requested a distortion, and we have spent several years honing this creation, wanting to live up to it’s fantastical origins and be worthy of the name Pettyjohn.

The ROUS, “Rodent of Unusual Size”, is a highly evolved member of the RAT family. The ROUS features a simple but powerful four knob control set: Level, Gain, Lows and Highs, similar to the other CORE series pedals.

It’s gain range moves from low gain overdrive to unusually large sounding distorted tones quickly with the turn of the GAIN knob. One may take matters of fate into their own hands and journey deeper into the un-known with a flick of the Fire Swamp switch.

For those looking to choose their own adventure, you can discover more paths to sonic nirvana with custom mod options only available from the Pettyjohn online shop.

CORE Series Simplicity

The CORE Series features a streamlined control set for quickly dialing in killer tones with four knobs to adjust Level, Gain, Lows and Highs. But... we couldn't help ourselves so... ROUS also includes the netorious FIRE SWAMP switch as a bonus.

CORE Series Dual Rail Power

We designed the CORE Series with a dual rail doubling power supply. This design can scale from +/-7v to +/-18v, effecting the headroom, tone and feel of the pedal, achieving up to four times the headroom over standard 9v pedals. The internal supply achieves this by mirroring whatever input voltage you apply via the external power supply and we always encourage people to experiment.

CORE Series Quiet Bypass

Our entire CORE Series features our quiet bypass switching system. It is a true bypass, relay based system for minimum pop when engaging the effect.


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