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2019: Here’s To A New Year!

2019 is starting out right. Pettyjohn Electronics is cooking! We have reached 10k+ followers on Instagram. Stephen just got a new resistor machine. We even have a new pedal to announce this month and we are going to NAMM!!! That’s right, in three weeks we will be at the Anaheim Convention Center to share all thing Pettyjohn with the music world.

We can’t be more excited for our first trip to NAMM. Not only will we be bringing two full boards loaded with everything we make for people to demo but we will also have a new pedal to announce! If you are going to be at NAMM you won’t want to miss this.

We will be sharing a booth with one of our favorite Central Oregon guitar makers, TMG Guitar Company. If you don’t know who they are we suggest you find out quick. Some of the finest looking instruments we have seen and man do they play like a dream. Jonathan, the owner of TMG has worked hard to make his killer lineup of instrument the best they can be. Solid bodies, thin lines and even one of the best 335 copies we have put our hands on. Also, the look of a TMG is completely unique from guitar to guitar. Jonathan’s desire is to make the guitar completely for the player. Every instrument they make is a custom one off, built to the players own specs.

TMG Master Builder Seth Burrows is the other half of the reason these things play and sound like a dream. Jonathan and Seth have been working together for 4 years now. Prior to TMG Seth worked for the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, at Bob Benedetto’s, Weber Mandolins & Breedlove Guitars so he definitely knows thing or two about how a guitar is built and set up. On top of all this he is a Berkley grad who can hang with the best of them when it comes to shredding a riff or two. This combo of a builder/pro-level player is ideal for getting a guitar that is absolutely ripping. Not only do their guitars get built well but they also are set up by a player who can outplay most. That means the guitars coming out of the TMG shop in Bend, OR are set up just as well as the ones belonging to the people we all dream of imitating.

Needles to say, we are totally stoked to be sharing the booth at NAMM with TMG Guitar Co. and their fabulous guitars. It will be a great time showcasing what our pedals can do.

Hey, are you going to be at NAMM??? We want to see you and show you all of the cool things we have been doing since we started 6 years ago. Don’t miss out on our incredibly voiced overdrives, to die for preamp pedals and top-shelf, studio quality Compression & EQ.

2019, we are coming for you in a big way! So watch out music world and prepare yourselves for some great new gear this year. Tone is our game and we do our best to create usable tools that provide the classic sounds we all want to hear coming through our amplifiers. NAMM is only the start of the awesome things we have planned for this year. So stay tuned and we’ll do our best to please your ears. We can’t wait!


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