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NAMM 2019: What An Excellent Trip!

The NAMM show has just finished up and we are super stoked to have had the opportunity to show off our gear! It was excellent to meet so many of our PJE retailers, players and artists. It was also great to meet a lot of people who have never tried or heard of our studio quality tone tools.

One thing that was super cool was to hear how well the CRUSH Compressor performed. Many players kept saying, “Man! this thing is so quiet” or “I can’t believe it can take all that gain without squashing”. This only confirms our belief that it is the best and most versatile compressor pedal currently on the market. While sharing the booth with TMG Guitar Co, the CRUSH also helped the complex tones and characteristic of each guitar come to life in such a loud environment without adding color or altering the guitars response.

Of course, we have to mention the new CHIME MKII!!! Can’t tell you how excited people were to try it out. The new box and recessed screws were a hit as well as the mini pots that replaced the Clipping/Low Cut toggles. The ultimate was the new power section. Everyone has an extra 9V DC, 150ma power supply and telling them that it would provide a full 36V of internal headroom blew their minds. Many mentioned the even more amp-like response and dynamics from the new MKII, also. Another thing that excited demo’ers was the Secret Setting Preamp Mode. Bass and Acoustic players understood almost immediately how they could start integrating the MKII into their set up and many mentioned how the MKII would become their new “always on” unit.

Trade shows always give us the opportunity to meet up with Artists that are using our PJE gear. From Shawn Tubbs to Drew Shirley, we were stoked to chat about how our pedals were being used on a daily basis. Knowing that Shawn leaves his Chime “always on” on his actual gigging board blows our mind. And to think that the IRON is all over the new Switchfoot album is incredible. We were able to hand out a few GOLDs to some new artists too. If you get a chance go check out Chris Payton (Katie Perry, Torri Kelley, An incredible Session Guitarist) and Mason Stoops (Kibi Dango, L.A. Session Guitarist) we can’t wait to see what they will do with their new GOLDs.

As always connecting with our current retailers, both State Side and International, is wonderful and gives us the opportunity to hear what their customers are saying about our pedals. We also met up with some new potential dealers that will help make Pettyjohn more accessible to players all over the world.

We look forward to 2019 and all the great things we have planned. Keep checking out IG and Facebook to follow the new gear we are designing. If you wish there was a shop in your local area that was carrying Pettyjohn Electronics let us know and we will do our best to get them there.


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