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On The Road With Pettyjohn: Arizona

Since the NAMM show in January we have been on the road, traveling through the southern half of the United States with a demo board that contains everything Pettyjohn. That’s right, since the show Nate has been searching out stores in the south western corner of the nation. These last couple weeks he has been in Arizona. As of three weeks ago there were no Pettyjohn dealers in AZ but we are happy to say now that we have two new incredible stores that have partnered with us and will be stocking the PJE line-up.


There are plenty of great music stores we scoped out while in the area but the two that stood out were Rainbow Guitars in Tucson and Guitar Gallery in Phoenix. It’s always great to be able to stop at a store with our pedals and see what people think first hand. Seeing which pedals players gravitate towards is always fun. Sometimes it is our killer set of OD’s that people are wanting to dive into. Then again, sometimes it is the FILTER, CRUSH and LIFT that blow everyone’s minds.


It is so fun to see in real time just how much people like our pedals. Stuff like watching eyes pop out of heads as we use the FILTER to sculpt the saturation coming out of the FUZE or how insanely quiet the CRUSH compressor is, even with 4 overdrives running into it. What’s really special is getting to see people explore the PreDrive models and then fall in love with their clean tone all over again.

Rainbow Guitars – Located on N. Campbell in Tucson, AZ is one of the nicest shops we have been in, in a long time. Owner Harvey has been in the music business for decades and his collection of new and used Electrics, Acoustics and Basses is outstanding. New lines like Collings, PRS, Fender, Strandberg, Martin, Taylor… Vintage and Used lines like Gibson, Airline, National… A solid line up of amplifiers and even a pro level drum shop. Traveling through the area on tour? This is a must stop for your whole band.

Guitar Gallery – Another incredible store with another outstanding lineup of new and used instruments. Since 1993 Guitar Gallery has provided the Scottsdale area with finely crafted guitars and amps. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the shop if you are in Phoenix. Everyone who works at the shop is super knowledgeable on everything from pedals to guitars. There is an killer acoustic room in back with guitars that are up to 120 years old! On top of being a premium guitar shop, the repair department is run by none other than David Ayers & Randy Pickens of Ayers Guitars and they even have some of their fine instruments on the showroom floor, too!

We can’t wait to see what New Mexico and Texas have in store for us as we continue our push east. We will be posting on Social Media the places, times and dates we will be with our Petty-demo-board and hope to see you there. Want us to come to a shop in your town? Let us know and we will do our best to be there. You can reach Nate here –


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