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LIFT: Your Secret Weapon

Everybody has one on their board. That secret weapon that makes everything better. It’s usually always on, making your drives sound better or adding just the right amount of harmonic push to the front of your delay and reverb. It can be anywhere on the board but you know exactly where it sounds best.

Pettyjohn Electronics has one of those tone-machines too!

The LIFT was inspired by our original masterpiece, the PreDrive. Not designed to be a one trick pony that only works for electric guitar, this pedal will blow your mind with its simplistic approach to studio quality sound. From the EQ section and Boost to the Discrete Opamp inside, everything about this unit was designed for musical, three dimensional tone.

Don’t just think that this pedal is only for guitar. Just like its audio parents, the PreDrive HW and the PreDrive Studio, the LIFT can be used on a vast array of instruments. Here are a few ways to apply your LIFT…

On Electric

Place the LIFT at the front of your board and give your gain section the most your guitar has to offer. As an always on buffer it will add presence and punch. Also, use the foot switchable Boost to slam the front end of your drives/distortions. Place the LIFT at the very end of your board! It can take all the gain your board has on it like a champ. In this position set the Bass and Treble to LB/HB and when you hit the Boost you can create a killer mid-humped attack using the EQ section without changing the overall character of your total tone for those solo sections.

On Bass

Make your low end thump. Give your slapping and popping more character and cut. The LIFT goes down to 20hz so no need to worry, it will take all the bottom your bass has. The Boost is great for that killer solo, providing push without adding color. Use other effects with your bass? No worries the LIFT can go anywhere in the effects chain you like.

On Keys/Strings

That’s right! You can use the LIFT on keys, strings or pretty much anything with an output and it will only make it better. The frequency response on this unit can go from 20hz-40khz which is more than enough for any instrument out there. There really is no limit to what you can do with the LIFT.

We love making tools for tone. The LIFT is your go to pedal for all things buffer, EQ and boost!


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