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The IRON has been loved for its ability to musically thicken your tone with the harmonic richness likened to vintage American amps pushed to the edge of breakup.


The IRON MKII is a upgrade to our classic medium gain overdrive. Originally developed as a second stage drive as part of the PettyDrive, it naturally excels at being a second stage drive, stacking on top of other drives.


We have listened to feedback from customers and artists to come up with a refined IRON MKII exemplifying Pettyjohn’s uncompromising approach in studio grade engineering, boutique tones and product aesthetic.


The IRON MKII also boasts an all new EQ experience. For starters, the MKII has vastly increased frequency range. We redesigned the whole pedal for full audio frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. To compensate for this extra range we added our signature wide-range sweepable Low and High cuts, giving the user complete control over the tone.


FOUNDRY Series - Dual Rail Power SupplyAll Pettyjohn FOUNDRY Series now include one of our biggest innovations ever: a new proprietary dual rail charge pump. This little gem is a major upgrade from our CORE Series charge pump and is a sophisticated dual rail dc to dc converting internal power supply. Our charge pump provides an incredible +/-18v of internal power, for a total of 36v, and all from a standard regulated 9v power adapter (200mA). Say what!?


When you increase voltage you increase the headroom which then affects the tone and feel of a pedal. Dual rail power supplies are usually found only in classic studio gear, until now. The FOUNDRY Series charge pump delivers up to a massive four times the headroom of most guitar pedals. This high headroom imparts an openness and 3D quality that is unique to Pettyjohn FOUNDRY Series pedals. 36v is the maximum spec for most opamps empowering the high-qualify opamps in FOUNDRY Series pedals to operate at their maximum potential.


FOUNDRY Series - Silent BypassWe have had many requests for this over the year and were happy to announce all FOUNDRY Series now shop with a totally quite foot switch enhanced with a sonically transparent gold contact relay. It auto-bypasses when the power is disconnected, never leaving you in the dark. Hardwire, classic true bypass is available via custom order on our website for those who may prefer this option.


FOUNDRY Series - The Indestructible Enclosure

While most pedal companies opt for an off-the-shelf enclosure, we took the path less traveled. FOUNDRY Series boasts a nearly indestructible two-plate custom enclosure design forged from mild steel right here in the USA. The boxes feature a gentle sloped front edge to protect the top control panel, features recessed bottom screws, and is finished with a thick powder blast of sparkling hues that will have you gitty as a goon.


FOUNDRY Series - Studio Grade Components

At Pettyjohn we build true studio-grade pedals. No, this isn't some cheeky marketing jargon; we accomplish extremely low signal noise with carefully selected top-shelf components:


Burr Brown OPA input and output buffer

Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% metal film resistors

Top-shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations

Lead-Free PCB constructed with Audiophile lead-free silver solder

Carefully selected upgrade mods for every Pettyjohn pedal


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  • Dual 990 Discrete Opamp Mod - Our standard IRON MKII ships with high quality Burr Browns opamps taking care of input and output buffering. Upgrading to the IRON MKII opamps replaces one Burr Brown with a dual studio-grade 990-style discrete opamp. This chip runs the input buffer and the active level control stage giving the IRON a more natural, open sound quality that is truly uncompromising.


    Audiophile Mod - Tune your highs with the Audiophile mod, replacing the standard Orange Drop cap's creamy, vintage tone with the more clean and punchy Auricap for highs that are more transparent and open. This mods has a subtle but noticeable effect especially at higher overdrive levels.

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